3rd REDFIN Reunion
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
September 30 to October 3, 1999


The 3rd REDFIN Reunion was held in Manitowoc, Wisconsin at the Holiday Inn, Manitowoc.  Manitowoc is the birthplace of REDFIN and 27 other submarines built for World War II.  The story of the Manitowoc boats is a very interesting one.  A very good buddy and WW II crewman of REDFIN sent me a copy of the book, “Fresh Water Submarines, The Manitowoc Story”, by Rear Admiral William T. Nelson, USN (Ret).

On Thursday the REDFIN crew started arriving.  We had about 61 crewmen, including 5 WW II crewmen, with their families and guests to attend.  Our Pizza Party was held in Julian’s Lounge.

On Friday we were bussed to the Maritime Museum in three different groups.  The people that take care of the Museum and USS COBIA (SS-245) should be very proud.  It was a very memorable tour.

Our Banquet Dinner was held in the Atrium Room.  The guest speaker, Jerry Pilger, had worked in the shipyard building submarines and later joined the Navy and served aboard USS JALLAO (SS-368) in WW II, which was a Manitowoc boat.  His topic was “Fresh Water Submarines”.

On Saturday morning, our golfers departed for a golf tournament.  Our gamblers went to the Oneida Casino.  Others toured the Manitowoc area to see the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and the cheese factories.

Our evening Banquet Dinner was served in the Normandy Dining Room.  Ray McCollum was our spokesperson after dinner.  It was decided to hold our reunions every two years and the next reunion will be held in Charleston, South Carolina in 2001.

Sunday morning was spent packing, eating donuts, drinking coffee and saying our good byes.