4th REDFIN Reunion
Charleston, South Carolina
October 4 to 7, 2001


The 4th REDFIN Reunion was held at the Radisson Inn Airport in Charleston, SC on October 4th to 7th 2001. 

We had 69 crewmen, including 4 WW II Vets, along with their families and guests to attend.  This gave a total of 131 people to attend. 

We had some special guests to attend also.

Gerald McLees, one of the four living survivors of the USS SQUALUS (SS-192), which sank on May 23, 1939 off Portsmouth, NH.  He later served aboard REDFIN.

Alastair Sutherland was only 6 years old when REDFIN rescued him and his family along with the survivors of USS FLIER (SS-250) and others off Palawan Island on August 31, 1944. 

Our guest speaker was Randy Burbage.  He gave a very informative presentation of the history of the Confederate submarine, H.L. HUNLEY and the recent salvage efforts. 

Our hospitality rooms were the Edisto I and II, where we had our pizza party on Thursday and our get-together sessions.  Our Banquets on Friday and Saturday were held in the Ashley I and II rooms. 

We were able to tour Patriots Point Maritime Museum where USS YORKTOWN (CV-10), USS LAFFEY (DD-724), USCGC INGHAM (WHEC-35) and USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343) are on display.

Some of us even got to “crash” a luncheon being held on YORKTOWN. The “Market” was a interesting place to visit.

The Committee decided to have the 2002 Reunion in New London, Connecticut after a vote was taken.