8th REDFIN Reunion
Charleston, South Carolina
October 13 – October 16, 2005


The 8th REDFIN Reunion was held on Thursday, October 13, to Sunday, October 16, 2005 at the Radisson Hotel Airport in Charleston, South Carolina.

Again, the Committee came through in locating the Radisson Hotel as the place for the reunion.  We had enough room, enough food and affordable rates.

On Thursday we had the registration and the Annual Pizza Party in our Hospitality Room, Edisto I and Edisto II.  The pizzas were made in the hotel instead of ordering them out.  As usual we had plenty of beer and soda.

We had 40 Crewmen, including 3 WWII Veterans, with their wives, families and friends for a total of 75 to attend.  This was down from last year but we had several cancellations at the last minute because of events beyond their control.  Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all our “Family” that lost loved ones.

On Friday we were introduced to our first complimentary breakfast in the Haven Restaurant.  We could choose the buffet or order from the menu.

There is a lot to see in Charleston, so many of us decided to take the guided Bus Tours.  Others went out on their own to visit the Museum and Market.

We always had our Hospitality Room where we could enjoy each others company and reminisce about our by-gone days on REDFIN.

The buffet dinners for Friday and Saturday were held in Ashley I and Ashley II and were very good.  As said before “..so much food and so little time”.

It had been suggested by one of our Crew to have the “Tolling of the Bell” for our Crewmen that have gone on Eternal Patrol.  It was carried out in a very solemn fashion.

We had our pictures taken on Saturday for the Reunion Album before dinner, then after dinner it was back to the Hospitality Room for our Chinese Auction.

The 2006 REDFIN Reunion is to be held in either Omaha, Nebraska or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Committee will advise us in the News Letter as to the place and dates.

The 2005 Reunion closed on Sunday after breakfast and all the good-byes.  We hope the Good Lord keeps us all safe and healthy until we meet again.