11th REDFIN Reunion
Muskegon, MI
October 9 - 12, 2008


The 11th REDFIN Reunion was held in Muskegon, Michigan at the Causeway Bay Hotel  on October 09 to 12, 2008.  The Hotel Staff along with the manager, Ester Cooper and their maintenance man, Joe, went out of their way to make it a very enjoyable reunion. A very good Continental Breakfast was furnished by the hotel every day along with keeping our coffee pot full in the Hospitality Room. 

We had 22 Crewmen with their guests for a total of 41 people to attend.  We had one WW II Crewman, Red Schwertfeger, to attend.  We had them from; CA, CT, DE, FL, ID, IN, KY, MD, MI, MN, MO, OH, PA, SC, UT, VA and WV.

Our Pizza Party was held on Thursday in the Hospitality Room.  Bernie O's made and delivered the very good pizza's.  

The American Legion No. 9 catered our dinners.  This year we decided to have Family Style Dinners rather than the Buffet Dinners and it worked out pretty good.   

Ray Idfinta, the chef, along with his great helpers, Max, Karen and Stephanie did a wonderful job.  The food was great and the service was great also.  On Friday the meal was served in the Hospitality Room but since we had a small enough party we moved the Saturday meal to the American Legion.  This made it easier for them to serve (they didn’t have to carry everything across the street and up to the second floor).  Since they opened at 6:00am we could go there for breakfast and lunch also. 

On Friday we visited the 
USS Silversides (SS-236) and the Great Lakes Museum.  The new museum is still in the development stage with a lot to be added.  It should be very nice once it is completed.  The SILVERSIDES is kept in very good condition and we found out they start up the engines every Memorial Day. 

Our speaker on Friday was Paul L. Kidd, EMCM (SS) Ret.  He is the State Commander of the ESCOLAR Base.  One thing about Paul, he is a gifted speaker and a great person. 

Our speaker on Saturday was Rebekah J. Hughes.  She is writing the book “Escaping the Eternal Patrol”, which is the story of the  USS Flier (SS-250)
 and the life of the survivors after FLIER sank in WW II. 

Our Chinese Auction was held on Saturday and again was a great success.  Thanks to all that donated items and everyone that bid on the items. 

Once again the crew chose to have our reunions every year, so as of now the 2009 REDFIN Reunion will be held in Mobile, Alabama.  I hope the Good Lord will see us through another year and keep us safe for the 2009 reunion.