12th REDFIN Reunion
Mobile, Alabama
September 24 - 27, 2009


Ashbury Suites & Hotel

Dogwood Room


Swimming Pool

Kingsize Room

Breakfast Buffet

Wintzell's Oyster House

Larry & Maxine Rash and Joanne & Jack March

Our Waitress

Fort Conde

Fort Conde

Joanne, Larry and Maxine

Larry and Jack

Oyster House

Jim & Linda Martin and Maxine & Larry Rash


Art & Vi Maki

Dan "Moose" Gilson & Ann Vargas

Linda & Jim Martin

Joanne & Jack March

Steve Buski

Our Hospitality Room

Bob & Cheryl Crane

Bill & Pat Pelkey

Jeff & Marge Jones

Bob & Judy Ruppel

Dave & Sylvia Twigg

Steve Chordas, Chuck & Eileen Franklin

Brad Schermer & father-in-law, George Mendes

Pauline & "Baldy" Baldwin

Walt & Barbara Sealy

Lloyd & Mary Boucherie

Fran & Tom Hess

Nancy Fanelli & brother Mike Taccardi

David & Sally Edwards

Annie Mae & L.B. Sealy (Walt's brother)

Cecil & Rosemary Stiles

Al & Carol Ferdinandsen (speaker)

Louis LeBlanc, Frank Smith, Jim Gradeless

"Danny" Scoville

Woody & Carole Gunderson

Tobin, Jeff & Sean Loftus

Gretchen Loftus (daughter of Ron Kuechler)

Jeff & Tobin Loftus & grandpa Ron Kuechler

Wanda & Cal Sheeder

George Mendes, "Baldy" Baldwin &
Driver, James Buchanant - Gulf Coast Tours

Off to NAS we go


Woody Gunderson and Bob Ruppel

Carole Gunderson

Art Maki

The Blue Angels

Dave, Bob, Larry

The REDFIN Family - 2009

REDFIN Crew - 2009 - NAS, Pensacola

Walt, Barbara, Annie Mae & L.B. Sealy

Tom & Fran Hess

Cecil & Rosemary Stiles and Nancy Fanelli

Jeff & Marge Jones and Jim Gradeless

Vi & Art Maki

Lunch at NAS

Jack & Joanne March and Ann Vargas

Bob and Judy Ruppel and Carole & Woody Gunderson


Jim Gradeless "Tolling the Bell"

Al Fredinansen

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial Wall

Vietnam War Memorial Wall


16" Guns - USS ALABAMA (BB-60) & (Vi Maki)


Woody Gunderson

Larry Rash, Jack March, Bob Crane, Jim Martin




Scoville, Jones, LeBlanc, March, Martin,
Gradeless, Buski, Mendes, Crane, Rash

Bow & Stern Planes

Diving Station

Conning Tower Helm

Periscope - Conning Tower

After Battery - Galley

After Battery - Mess

After Battery - Mess

After Battery - Berthing

Maneuvering Room Controls

After Torpedo Room

Tom Bowser - After Torpedo Room

Waiting for lunch on ALABAMA

Waiting for lunch on ALABAMA

Lunch in Wardroom of USS ALABAMA

Lunch in Wardroom of USS ALABAMA

Lunch in Wardroom of USS ALABAMA

Jack March and Chef Jim Waldrop

Maxine, Ann, Annie Mae, Barbara

Joanne, Jack, Carole, Judy, Sylvia, Pat

Carole, Judy, Sylvia, Pat

Linda, Cheryl, Joanne

Cheryl, Joanne, Judy, Sylvia, Pat

Mary, Marge, Vi

Maxine, Ann, Annie Mae

Larry Rash, Ron Kuechler, Bill Pelkey, Louis LeBlanc, Steve Chordas, Woody Gunderson, Bob Drane, Bob Ruppel, Dave Twigg
Davia Edwards, Tom Hess, Lou Ingram, Cal Sheeder, Mike Taccardi, Jack March, Jeff Jones, Art Maki, Chuck Franklin
Jim Martin, Cecil Stiles, George Mendes, Jim Gradeless, Steve Buski, Dan Gilson, Francis Baldwin