14th REDFIN Reunion
Norfolk, Virginia
September 29 to October 2, 2011

Art & Vi Maki

Art Maki & Ray Engle (You gonna let me eat?)

Baldy Baldwin (It's pizza time!)

Baldy, Bill, Erich, Jim, Larry, Louis, Dave, Ray

Baldy, Erich, Bill, Jim G., Larry, Louis, Dave, Jim M

Barb, Betty, Ray, Willie, Ozzie, May, Vi

Barbara Sealy & Nancy Fanelli

Barbara & Walt Sealy

Barbara, Baldy & Nancy Fanelli

Bernie & Frank

Bernie & Linda (Let's play cards)

Bernie Sklodowski, Linda & Joanne

Bernie, Joanne & Maxine (Yeah, we're cute!)

Betty & Fran (and then she said!!)

Betty Engle

Betty, Joanne, Linda & Maxine

Bill Oliveri & Louis LeBlanc

Bill Oliveri (I'm relaxed!)

Bob Day, Great-granddaughter & husband

Bob Day

Cecil Stiles & Baldy Baldwin (More pizza?)

Cecil, Waly Sealy & Baldy

Chinese Auction 1

Chinese Auction 2

Chinese Auction 3

Chinese Auction 4

Chinese Auction 5

Cliff Delahanty

Cliff Delahanty & Jim Gradeless (Let's eat!)

Danny Scoville (I need more beer!)

Dave Twigg & Danny Scoville

Dave & Louis (Rebel brothers!)

Dave & Ray Engle

Dave Twigg & Ray Engle

Erich Cramer & Bob Day

Evelyn Small, Larry, Linda & Betty Engle

Ev, Bernie, Linda, Betty, Maxine, Joanne

Ev, Linda, Betty, Maxine, Joanne

Evelyn & Cliff Delahanty

Evelyn & Ken Small

Fran & Tom Hess & Mike Taccardi

Fran & Tom Hess

Fran, Maxine, Tom & Mike

Fran, Nancy & Pauline Baldwin

Frank Sklodowski

Frank Sklodowski & Cliff Delahanty

Frank, Bernie & Evelyn (Did you hear that noise?)

George & Ruth Williams

Jeff Jefferson, Jim Gradeless & Louis LeBlanc

Jim & Fred Poorman

Jim Gradeless & Ruth Williams

Jim Martin, Walt Sealy & Baldy Baldwin

Joanne & (Speaker) Ted Crossland

Joanne March

Joanne March, Maxine & Larry Rash

Joe & Val Jefferson

John Yaksich & Woody Gunderson

John Yaksich

Kathy Poorman & Linda Martin

Keith & Susan Weborg

Keith, Bill, Roger & Susan (It's dinner time)

Ken & Evelyn (Where's my food?)

Ken Small & Larry Rash

Ken, Frank & Bob (Just a 15 min. nap!)

Ken, Mike Taccardi, Ev, Nancy

Larry & Jim (Who said that?)

Larry & Maxine

Larry Rash (Top deck watch)

Larry, Ken & Frank

Linda & Jim Martin

Linda, Donna Faison & Larry

Linda, Maxine & Betty

Louis LeBlanc & Dave Twigg

Louis LeBlanc & Larry Rash (Welcome aboard)

Marianne Gradeless & Kathy Poorman

Maxine, Joanne & Linda (Great movie!)

Mike & Tom

Mike, Rosemary Stiles, Barbara Sealy, Nancy

Nancy & Fran

Nancy Chordas, Rosemary, Cecil & Nancy Fanelli

Nancy, Ray & Betty (Look at these pics)

Nancy, Ray Engle & Jim Martin

USS Nautilus at Mariners Museum

Ozzie & May Aossey

Pauline & Baldy

Ray Engle & Art Maki

Ray Engle and Linda Martin

Ray, Betty & George Williams

Ray, Joel Lazarek & Ted Breisch

Roger & Marie Wiedl & Bill Oliveri

Roger & Marie

Roger & Marie

Roger Wiedl & Susan Weborg

Rosemary & Cecil Stiles

Ruth & George Williams (OMG!)

Saturday Banquet

Steve & Nancy Chordas

Steve Chordas & Jim Gradeless

Susan Weborg & Bill Oliveri

Susan & Keith

Ted Breisch & (Ted's daughter) Joellyn

Speaker Ted Crossland-Mariners Museum

Ted, Joanne, Larry & Maxine

Fran & Tom

Val & Jeff & Vi Maki

Val Jefferson & Fred Poorman

Vi, Betty, Evelyn & Bernie (We're cute too!)

Walt & Frank

Willie & Ruth Williams


Woody Gunderson & Steve Chordas