Galveston to New London 

On October 30, 1945 at 0835 REDFIN got underway from Pier #42 GALVESTON, TEXAS in company with USS SEA ROBIN (SS-407) enroute PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA. 

On November 5th at 0140 hours passed Overfalls Lighthouse in the Delaware Bay.  At 0633 received pilot, LCDR J.L. TAYLOR to conn REDFIN.  At 0717 passed Brandywine Lighthouse on starboard beam.  Passed Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse on port beam at 0735.  Passed Mish Mauce Shoal Lighthouse at 0750 abeam to starboard. 

On November 5th at 1253 REDFIN moored starboard side to Pier “D”, Reserve Basin Philadelphia Navy Yard.  At 1450 started a 6-hour battery discharge using the Main Motors – port ahead two thirds and starboard back two thirds. 

December 7, 1945 LCDR Charles K. MILLER departed for TAD with ComSubRon 20. 

Merlin Rue ADCOCK departed on 30 days leave. 

December 12th at 0800 LCDR Charles MILLER reported aboard from TAD.

Dennis Brown, EM1 was transferred at 1000 for discharge. 

Monday, December 17th at 0800 the following men departed on leave:


Irwin H. BUCKLES, GM1     John D. McCARRON, MoMM2

Following men were transferred:

Joseph DAVIDYOCK, RM1     Joseph D. GATES, EM3

Robert E. GOFF, S1c             George A. STEPHENS, EM2

On December 20th William H. OSBORN, QM2 was transferred to US Naval Base for discharge.

On January 03, 1946 at 0800 Ens. William M. HANLEY departed on leave and Joseph M. BASE, QM1 and Alec KELPERS, MoMM1 were transferred. 

January 6th Ens. William H. BECK was appointed to rank of LTjg. as of January 01, 1946. 

On January 9th at 1300 commenced fueling REDFIN and stopped at 2000 hours after receiving 54,695 gallons of diesel fuel. 

On January 11, 1946 at 0800, mustered at quarters, Ens. William M. HANLEY was appointed to rank of LTjg as of January 01, 1946. 

Monday January 16, 1946 William T. MEYER, RM2; Urban J. BECHTOLD, MoMM3; and Fred J. WAGNER, MoMM2 were transferred to LIDO BEACH, NEW YORK for discharge. 

Friday January 18th at 1600, Ens. Lawrence COLEMAN departed on 7 days leave to report aboard REDFIN on January 25th in New London. 

On January 22nd at 0815 REDFIN was underway, in tow by ATR-67 which was alongside the port side, enroute New London.  At 1750, ATR-67 commenced towing ahead. 

On January 24th at 0635 YTB-364 came alongside and the towlines to ATR-67 were cut loose.

At 0815 REDFIN moored portside to southside of Pier “A” Submarine Base, NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT. 

At 1100 pulled #1 periscope, 1130 pulled #2 periscope.  Two MK-18 torpedoes were transferred with the gyros, Record Books and Exercise Books.  At 1400 the Crew returned from leave. 

January 25th at 1500 Ens. Lawrence COLEMAN reported aboard from leave. 

On February 02, 1946 at 0830, CDR Guy F. GUGLIOTTA relieved LCDR Charles K. MILLER as Commanding Officer of USS REDFIN. 

February 22nd Robin S. STEBBINS, ETM1 was transferred to Submarine Base, New London for further assignment at ComSubLant. 

On Saturday, February 23, 1946 at 1000 hours, USS REDFIN (SS-272) was placed “In Commission In Reserve” 

February 26th the following men were transferred to S/M Base, New London for discharge: 

Merlin Rue ADCOCK, EM1     Erwin J. SCHELL, RM2     Antoine CHERAMIE, TM3

Bruce TETER, S1c

At 0800 William Henry O’HARA, CTM departed on 30 days leave.

February 28th LTjg William M. HANLEY was detached for duty on Staff.

March 01, 1946 Ens. Lawrence COLEMAN was detached.

April 1st William H. O’HARA, CTM was transferred to Recruiting School in Norfolk, Virginia.

July 1st Leo H. SWEENEY, CMoMM transferred to S/M Base New London for Diesel School.

July 9th Martin F. SCHAFFER, EM2 transferred to US Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire for Commissioning and fitting out USS SPINAX (SS-489)

August 7th Philip L. BEGIN, MoMM2 was transferred to USS ORION for further duty.

August 17th Irwin H. BUCKLES, GM1 was transferred to ComSubRon 8 for further assignment.

On Friday November 01, 1946 at 1000 USS REDFIN (SS-272) was placed “Out Of Commission In Reserve” 

The Commanding Officer directed the Commission Pennant and Colors to be hauled down.

 LTjg. William BECK was transferred to USS RAY (SS-271) and CDR Guy F. GUGLIOTTA was detached.