1960 Deployments

On January 18, 1960 at 0807, REDFIN departed Norfolk for Springboard Operations in the Caribbean.  She first went to San Juan, Puerto Rico and arrived there on January 21 at 1825 and moored to West Side Pier 2, Roosevelt Roads Naval Base.  After two days, on January 25th, she departed San Juan at 0800 and proceeded to St. Thomas.

REDFIN arrived at Northeast Pier Charlie, Harbor of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and moored on January 30th at 0722, port side to USS SEA LION (APSS-315).  She departed on February 1st at 0701 enroute to Norfolk and arrived at 0945 on February 7th.

On February 15, 1960 REDFIN was designated the Flagship of Submarine Squadron Fourteen, the FBM Squadron.

On February 29th at 0816 REDFIN was underway from Norfolk for Bermuda.  She arrived in Bermuda on March 5th at 0709 and moored starboard side to USCGS CASCO (WAVP-370) at Pennos Wharf, St. George Harbor.  On March 6 she moved and moored starboard to HMCS RESTIGOUCHE (DOE-257), riding a buoy in St. George Harbor.  She departed at 1312 for Norfolk and arrived in Norfolk on March 10 at 1730.

On April 11th REDFIN got underway for operations in the Virginia Capes and Cape Canaveral areas.  She arrived and moored portside to Northeast End of Military Quay Wall, berth E-2, Port Canaveral, Florida on April 16 at 1013.  She departed on April 19 and arrived in Norfolk at 1125 on April 22.

Between April 25 and July 2, REDFIN operated mostly in the Bermuda operating area.

On July 2, 1960, LCDR Alonzo M. Poteet, Jr. relieved LCDR Alan N. Glennon as Commanding Officer of REDFIN.

On July 8 at 1108, REDFIN got underway for the North Atlantic.  She arrived in Faslane, Scotland on July 19 at 1015 and moored portside to HMS NARWHAL (SO3) in a nest including HMS ADAMANT (A164).  She fueled from ADAMANT from 1145 to 1730.  On July 22, HMS TOTEM (S52), HMS RORQUAL (SO2) and HMS CACHALOT (SO6) arrived and moored outboard of REDFIN.

On July 24 at 1033 REDFIN got underway for her operation area.  The period of July 24 to 31 was a classified operation, which is why there is no Longitude entry on the “Blue Nose” certificate.

REDFIN departed the operation area on August 11 and proceeded to Bergen, Norway.  She arrived at 1228 on the 11th and moored portside to Pontelabo Pier, Bergen, Norway.  She departed on August 14 at 0957 enroute to Norfolk and arrived on August 27 at 0838.

On September 26 at 0835 REDFIN got underway from Norfolk on a Confidential Operation and returned to Norfolk on October 8 at 0753.

Between October 8 and December 1, 1960 REDFIN made local operations for the Special Projects Office and SubRon 14.

USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (SSBN-598), the first SSBN submarine, was commissioned on December 30, 1959 and was now ready for service.  On December 1 the SubRon 14 Flag was shifted to her and REDFIN returned to SubRon 6.

REDFIN continued the special operations in the local area for the remainder of the year.