In the period of January 1st and 18th, 1964 REDFIN was moored portside to USS Grampus, nest of 5 subs, Berth 222, pier 22, Destroyer-Sub Piers in Norfolk, Virginia.

On January 18th she got underway at 1407 for operations in the Virginia Capes Operation Areas of 19A and 14B until the 23rd when she returned to Norfolk and moored portside to USS Argonaut (SS-475), Berth 222, Pier 22, Destroyer-Submarine piers.

On January 27th at 1810 REDFIN was underway from Norfolk, VA to VA Capes OP/Area 20.  She operated in areas 20C and 22BD until January 31st when she returned to Norfolk and moored at 1526 port side to USS Carp (SS-338), Berth 224, Pier 22 Destroyer-Sub Pier.

On February 5th at 1042 REDFIN got underway from Norfolk to New London, Connecticut.  She arrived on February 10th and moored at 1704 port side to Berth Sierra 2 South, Pier 2, Submarine Piers, Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut.  She had occasional exercises in New London area until February 19th when she departed at 1626 for Norfolk and arrived on February 20th at 1811 and moored outboard USS Torsk (SS-423) at berth 222, Pier 22, US Naval Base in a nest of 3 subs with USS Argonaut (SS-475) inboard ship.

From February 20th to March 19th REDFIN was in Norfolk and on March 20th at 0801 she got underway for the Cape Charles Spoil Area and returned at 1408 and moored portside to USS Grampus, nest of three subs. From inboard: USS CUTLASS (SS-478), USS GRAMPUS (SS-523), USS REDFIN at Berth 224, Pier 22.

In the period of March 22 and August 14, REDFIN operated in the VA Cape Operation Areas, the New River Inlet N.C area.  She made a personnel transfer with USS Torsk on April 8th at 0603.  She operated with USS SAUFLEY (DD-465) and USS WITEK (DD-848).  On July 10, 1964 LCDR Thomas P. Cheesman was relieved as CO of REDFIN by LCDR Ralph N. Whistler.

On August 14th at 1545 she got underway to Annapolis, MD and on the 15th at 0811 she moored starboard side to berths 4 and 6, US Naval Academy.  REDFIN got underway at1745 on the 16th to Norfolk and at 0920 on August 17 she moored portside to USS CARP, Berth 222, Pier 22, US Naval Station, Norfolk in a nest of 4 subs. From Inboard: USS ARGONAUT(SS-475), USS SEA LEOPARD(SS-483), USS CARP and REDFIN.

On September 22 REDFIN got underway for the Norfolk Operation Area 14 and SSOA A-6. Then on the 24th she left the area and proceeded to Bermuda.  She arrived on the 25th at 1410 and moored starboard side to the Tender Pier, US Naval Station, Bermuda, BWI with USS Cobbler (SS-344) mooring alongside to port at 1015 and USS Corporal (SS-346) mooring outboard at 1350.

REDFIN departed on September 28th at 0608 for the operation area SSOA D-2 and joined USS WILKINSON (DL-5) for making operational evaluations of their sonar systems.

REDFIN departed the areas for Norfolk on October 14th and at 0947 she moored portside to USS Cutlass, Berth 222, pier 22, Des-sub pier, Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk, VA.

For the next month she again was operating in the VA Capes Areas.  Then on November 13 she got underway for Annapolis, MD at 1536 and arrived and moored starboard side to Santee pier, US Naval Academy at 0759 on the 14th.  She departed Annapolis November 15th at 1538 for Norfolk and arrived on November 16th at 0700 and moored portside to USS Torsk, in a nest of 3 subs, Pier 22, Berth 222, Des-Sub Pier, Norfolk Naval Station.

An hour later at 0803 she was underway and met up with USS Hugh Purvis (DD-709) and operated with them in the Capes Op Areas 14 B-D until November 20 when she departed for Norfolk and arrived at 1843 and moored portside to USS Cutlass, pier 22, Berth 222, Des-Sub Piers.

REDFIN made one more trip to the VA Capes Op Area on November 23rd then she was in port for the rest of the year.  On the 24th she was in a nest alongside USS ORION (AS-18) then moved on December 7th to Berth 222, pier 22, portside to USS REQUIN in a nest of 5 subs. From inboard: USS GRAMPUS, USS CUTLASS, USS SEA LEOPARD, USS REQUIN and REDFIN.