1965 Deployments

From January 1 to 3, 1965 REDFIN was moored in a nest of 5 boats with USS GRAMPUS (SS-523) inboard at Berth 222, Pier 22, Des-Sub Piers, Norfolk, VA.

She operated in the Virginia Capes Area several times between January 4th and February 5th when she got underway for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at 1309.  She arrived at 1124 on February 6th and moored starboard side to Slip 1, Berth 3, Portsmouth Navy Ship Yard.  On February 17 at 0935 she entered Dry Dock #6 and was in dry dock until April 23rd.  REDFIN was taken out of dry dock and moored starboard side to Berth 6, Wetslip 1 where she stayed until June 7.

On June 7th at 1000 she departed for the U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot and arrived on June 9th at 0730 at St. Juliens Creek, Portsmouth, VA, where she stayed until June 13th when she went back to Berth 6, Wetslip 1, NNSY and was there until June 18.

On June 18 REDFIN at 1327 got underway for New London and arrived on June 20th at 0750 and moored portside to the south side of Pier 6, US Sub Base.  She operated in Narragansett Bay Area until July 2, 1965.

On July 2nd at 1102 REDFIN departed New London enroute New York, NY and at 0850 on July 3rd she moored portside to USS Hammerberg (DE-1015), Berth Southside Aft of Italian Lines Pier 90, New York.

REDFIN departed New York on July 6th at 0610 and was underway for Norfolk, and arrived and moored on July 9th at 1731, portside to Sea Lion, Berth 222, Pier 22, Des-Sub Piers.

REDFIN was in Norfolk until July 12th and then she got underway at 0813 for Charleston, SC and moored at 0923 on July 16th portside to Berth 5, Pier N, US Naval Base.  On July 19th at 0809 she departed Charleston and operated in Area 6, when she received orders at 0400, July 23rd to return to Norfolk.

REDFIN returned to Norfolk and moored at 0653 portside to USS RUNNER (SS-476), Berth 226, Pier 22 on July 23rd and stayed through August 8.

On August 9 REDFIN got underway at 1113 and operated independently and with USS RALEIGH (LPD-1) until August 18 when she departed the Op Area for Halifax, Nova Scotia.  She arrived on August 19 at 1406 and moored portside to HMCS NIPIGON (DDH-226) in a nest of 3 ships with HMCS KOOTENAY (DDE-258) being inboard at Jetty 2, HMC Dockyard Halifax, Nova Scotia.

On August 20 at 0856 REDFIN was underway and operated in the area until September 2nd when she was underway for Norfolk and arrived and moored on September 3rd at 0032 portside to USS CARP (SS-338) at Berth 224, Pier 22, DesSub Piers, Norfolk, VA.

Between September 8th and November 24th REDFIN operated in the Virginia Capes Area on many occasions and finally mooring on November 24th at 0928 portside to USS REQUIN (SS-481) in a nest of 3 ships with USS ORION (AS-18) being the inside ship at Berth 222, Pier 22.

She remained in Norfolk for the remainder of the year.