REDFIN was moored at Berth 224, Pier 22 Des-Sub Piers, portside to Grampus (SS-523) and USS SEA LION (SS-315)
 on January 1st and 2nd.

On January 3 at 0834 she got underway for San Juan, Puerto Rico in company with Task Unit 42.3.3 composed of USS ORION (AS-18), USS KITTYWAKE (ASR 13), USS REQUIN (SS-481) and USS CUBERA (SS-347).

On January 8th at 0927 she arrived and moored portside to USS CUBERA in a nest with USS KITTYWAKE at Berth B, Puerta da Tierra, Isla San Juan, Puerto, Rico.

On the 10th she got underway for operations and returned on January 11th at 1938 and moored portside to USS CUBERA at Berth B, Fernandez Quay in a nest with USS ORION.

On January 12th at 0632 REDFIN departed for OP Area 10 and then continued to Frederiksted St. Croix, VI, arriving and mooring starboard side to USS CUBERA at Frederiksted Deepwater Pier on January 14th at 2225.

On January 17th she departed St. Croix for operations in the San Juan OP Areas and returned to San Juan on the 22nd and moored at 0743 starboard side to USS REQUIN at the Municipal Pier, Ponce, Puerto Rico.  After operations in the Op Areas on 24th to 27th she moored on the 28th at 1846 portside to USS SHARK (SSN-591) at Berth Bravo, Fernandez Juncos Quay in a nest with USS ORION and USS TRITON (SSN-586) until January 31st.

On January 31st REDFIN departed San Juan enroute to St. Thomas and arrived and moored on February 4th at 1830 portside to USS SEA LION at Pier A, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

On February 6th at 2058 she departed St. Thomas for Norfolk and arrived in Norfolk on February 11th and moored portside to USS TRITON at Berth 226, Pier 22.  REDFIN remained in port until March 14 when she got underway at 1229 for operations in the Bermuda Op Area and returned to Norfolk on March 24 at 0800 and moored portside to Pier 22, Berth 226.

On April 4th REDFIN got underway at 0841 for the VA Capes Area and operated in the area until the 13th when she returned to Norfolk and moored at 1300 portside to USS KITTYWAKE in Berth 224, Pier 22 D&S Piers.

Between April 16 and May 19th REDFIN operated in the VA Capes Area, Cape Charles Spoils Area and the Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas.  While at Tongue of the Ocean she made a personnel transfer with Research Vessel PAUL LANGEVIN on May 14 at 0914.  On the 19th she moored at 0851 portside to Berth 222, Pier 22.

During the period of May 23 and June 5 REDFIN made several trips into the channel with members of the US Armed Forces Staff College.  When she returned on June 6 she moored starboard side to USS ORION at Berth 221, Pier 22 where she stayed
through July 10.

On August 13, 1966 LCDR Ralph N. Whistler was relieved as CO of REDFIN by LCDR Joseph G. Digiacomo.

Between July 11th and the end of the year REDFIN operated in the VA Op Areas many times and finally returned on December 9th and moored starboard side to USS RUNNER (SS-476) at Pier 22, Berth 223 where she remained through December 31, 1966.