REDFIN was moored at Berth 222, Pier 22, Des-Sub Piers in Norfolk from January 01, to April 11, 1967.  At 2024 she entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and moored starboard side to Berth 2.

On April 20th at 1854 she entered dry dock #7 and there she stayed until May 13th when she was towed out to Berth 3 at 1149.

On May 15, 1967 at 1300 the Crew was mustered for the Captainís Final Inspection.  At 1400 the Commander Submarine Squadron 6 embarked.  At 1414 REDFIN was reported to Commandant Fifth Naval District.

At 1415 on May 15, 1967 the Pennant of Commander Submarine Squadron 6 was Struck and USS REDFIN (AGSS-272) was decommissioned with verbal instructions from Capt. R. V. Wheeler, Jr., Chief of Staff.

The Final Entry in the Deck Log was made by William T. Brunelle, LT, USN.