Below Deck


Buddy Kirby and D.P. Miller cleaning the engine heads

Working on the props

Forward Torpedo Room

Combat Information Center (CIC)
Andy Gallant HM1  Lost on USS Thresher

Starboard side Control Room  (looking aft)

Bow and Stern Planes - Port side Control Room

Conning Tower Helm

Starboard side Control Room (looking forward)
Herman T. Running

Radio Room

Port side After Battery Mess - "Fresh Bread"
__?__, Art Fried, __?__, Tom Hess (back to camera)


After Battery Mess looking aft into the Galley

After Battery mess playing cards

After Engine Room
Charles Hill EN2

Maneuvering Room

Stern Room (crew sleeping room)

Robert H. Mills

D.P. Miller, ______, Buddy Kirby in Maneuvering Room