1953 Deployments

January 9, 1953 USSREDFIN (SSR-272) was re-commissioned.  

REDFIN was back in Dry-dock from February 3rd to 9th.  Many tests and sea trials were conducted before REDFIN departed Philadelphia on April 24, 1953.  

On April 25th at 0958 REDFIN arrived in Norfolk, Virginia and moored port side to USS GRAMPUS (SS-523) in a nest with USS ORION (AS-18) at pier 22.

The period of April 26 and May 11 was spent operating in local areas of York River, Yorktown and Virginia Capes with USCG MARION (WSC-145).

On Monday May 11th at 0900 REDFIN departed Norfolk for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Arriving at the Ordnance Pier, US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on Saturday, May 16 at 0814.  

On Friday, May 29th was underway at 1756 enroute Port Antonio, Jamaica, arriving and anchoring at 0843 on May 30th in Port Antonio Harbor.  On May 31st REDFIN moored starboard side to United Fruit Company pier. On June 2nd REDFIN returned to Guantanamo and proceeded to Santiago, Cuba on June 5th.  On June 10th at 1223 REDFIN departed Guantanamo for Norfolk, Virginia.  REDFIN arrived in Norfolk at 1753 on June 13, 1953 and moored port side to USS RAY (SSR-271) in nest with USS ORION.  

On June 27th REDFIN was underway for New London at 2200 and arrived at Pier 2 on June 29th.  On July 02 at 0830 she left New London for Norfolk and arrived at 1531, July 3rd and moored port side to Orion.

Between July and September REDFIN spent time on various operations and made repairs.  

On September 11, 1953 REDFIN was underway at 0613 for New London, Connecticut.  REDFIN departed New London on September 14th at 0813 for the North Atlantic and Mediterranean area.  

REDFIN arrived in Algiers, Algeria on October 9th and moored starboard side to USS SIBONEY (CVE-112).  

Underway from Algeria at 0801 on Wednesday October 14th for Izmir, Turkey and operating with USS TRUMPETFISH (SS-425), USS SIBONEY (CVE-112), USS CASSIN YOUNG (DD-793), USS REMEY (DD-688) and USS WADLEIGH (DD-689), firing torpedoes at SIBONEY and WADLEIGH and receiving mail from a boat from USS REMEY on October 16.

Arrived in and Med-moored to the quay at Izmir, Turkey at 1034 on October 21, 1953.  On Thursday, October 22nd USS TRUMPETFISH moored alongside to port. 

REDFIN departed Izmir, Turkey on October 26th at 0842 and arrived in Suda Bay, Crete on 28th October at 1015 and mooring starboard side to USS LIDDLE (APD-60).  

REDFIN departed Suda Bay, Crete on 30 October at 1215 and arrived in Phaleron Bay, Greece and anchoring at 0940.

REDFIN departed Greece at 0744 on November 4th for Naples, Italy.  On November 10th at 0852 she Med-moored starboard side to Customs pier in Naples, Italy.

On November 12, REDFIN med-moored starboard side to USS TRUMPETFISH (SS-425) to Molo Angionino, Naples, Italy.  USS IREX (SS-482) moored to port side of REDFIN at 1032.

On 16 November at 0846 REDFIN was underway for Gibraltar and arriving there on 21 November and mooring port side to Berth 43.  On 23rd November at 1300 REDFIN was underway for Norfolk.  She arrived home in Norfolk on December 5, 1953 at 0930 and moored port side to USS SEA LION (SS-315).

REDFIN spent the rest of 1953 operating in local waters and upkeep.