1955 Deployments


On January 22, LCDR Robert J. Young relieved LCDR Charles M. Young as Commanding Officer.

On February 07, 1955 REDFIN entered the Philadelphia Shipyard and on February 18th was put onto a Marine Railway System, similar to a Dry-dock.  On May 12th REDFIN came out of dry-dock but stayed in the Shipyard until August 15th.  

While in the shipyard, REDFIN had a major overhaul.  Much of the external pipeline systems were replaced including the Main Induction, Main Engine Exhaust Lines and Mufflers.  The antenna on the AN/BPS-3 radar was replaced.  The “wings” on the port and starboard sides of the sail were added for better views for the lookouts.  

Most of the major equipment inside was removed and either modified or replaced.  It took about 6 months for the yard to complete their work and about one year for the crew to get it working properly.  

On August 15, 1955 at 0525 REDFIN departed the Philadelphia Shipyard enroute to Newport, Rhode Island REDFIN arrived Newport on August 16th at 0710 and moored to the Torpedo Loading Pier at Gould Island, Rhode Island.  On August 18th at 1841 REDFIN got underway for Norfolk and arrived there at 0930 on August 20th and moored starboard side to USS GRAMPUS (SS-523) at Berth 21, CE Piers.  

On September 26th at 1031 REDFIN departed Norfolk for Halifax, Nova Scotia.  On September 29th at 1800 REDFIN moored starboard to USS TUSK (SS-426) in a nest with USS FULTON (AS-11) at Royal Canadian Naval Station, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  After receiving 19,600 gallons fuel REDFIN departed at 2118 for the North Atlantic.  

On October 06, 1955 REDFIN moored port side to USS BURRFISH (SSR-312) in anchorage of Reykjavik Harbor, Iceland.  On October 7th REDFIN heaved anchor at 0758 and was underway.  

On October 08, 1955 REDFIN crossed the ARCTIC CIRCLE at 26°- 00' W and 66°- 33’ N and making the Crew, members of the ROYAL ORDER of the BLUE NOSE.  On October 26th at 1110 REDFIN moored starboard to Langeline Pier, Copenhagen, Denmark.  USS BURRFISH (SSR-312) moored to port side of REDFIN.  

On October 29th at 1112 REDFIN got underway for Oslo, Norway.  On October 30th at 1112 REDFIN moored port side to Tyveholm Pier, Oslo, Norway.  

On Wednesday, November 02, 1955 at 1000 REDFIN got underway for Norfolk, Virginia and arriving home at 1803 on November 12, 1955 and mooring starboard to Pier 21, C. E. Piers with BURRFISH mooring starboard side to REDFIN.

The remainder of the year was spent on exercises in local waters, upkeep and maintenance.