1957 Deployments

On January 7, 1957 at 1030 REDFIN departed Norfolk for Philadelphia Shipyard and arrived on January 8 at 1727.  She went into dry-dock on January 18 and left dry-dock on February 7th

While in Philadelphia a Ship's Party was held.  Many of the crew had their wives and girl friends with them.  It was a very happy occasion until some neighbors called the police and complained of the noise.  The police arrived and proved to all that they did not like Submarine Sailors by using their night sticks freely.

REDFIN made test runs until February 20, when she departed Philadelphia at 0901 enroute to Fort Mifflin, PA.  After loading torpedoes and ammunition she was underway at 1130 for Jacksonville, FL.  She operated with USS RAY (SSR-271) and USS POMPON (SSR-267) in the JAX area until March 7 when she departed the area and returned to Norfolk on March 8, 1957.

REDFIN operated in the areas of New London, Jacksonville and the Virginia Capes from March 8th to May 14th.

On May 15 at 0815 REDFIN departed Norfolk enroute to Key West, Florida.  She arrived in Key West on May 18 at 1212 and moored starboard to USS CHOPPER (SS-342) north side Pier #5, US Naval Station.  She operated out of Key West until May 24th, when she was underway for Havana, Cuba at 0630.  REDFIN arrived and moored starboard side to Norgolf Pier, Havana, Cuba at 1850 on May 24, 1957.  A week-end in Havana was a very memorable time.  That was “BC” of course.  She got underway for Key West on May 26 at 0900 and arrived Key West at 1528 at North Make 7 & 8 at the Naval Station.  She departed Key West on May 29 at 0704 for Norfolk and arrived at 1527 on May 31st and moored port to USS TIGERONE (SSR-419) in a nest with USS COBBLER (SS-344), USS RUNNER (SS-476) and USS BUSHNELL (AS-15) at pier 222.

Between June 1 and July 6 REDFIN operated in the JAX and VA Capes areas.

On July 7 at 0902, REDFIN departed Norfolk for Annapolis and arrived at 1908.  While making the approach in Annapolis, REDFIN made an “Impression” on the cadets by making a “Depression” on the pier in the Severn River by removing about 15 feet of pier.  REDFIN took two groups of cadets out each day to let them see what submarine life was like.

On July 11th REDFIN got underway for Norfolk and arrived in Norfolk on July 12.

Between July 13 and September 2nd, REDFIN operated in local areas.

On September 3 at 0805 REDFIN was underway for Clyde Estatuary, Scotland to participate in the NATO Fall Exercise, “Strikeback” in Northern European waters.  This was a very Large Scale Operation, it seemed as though every ship in the US Navy was in attendance.

REDFIN operated with USS RAY and USS POMPON while enroute.  REDFIN, RAY and POMPON stayed in formation, about 3000 yards apart as they traveled to Rothesay.  REDFIN arrived and moored port to Buoy “SM2” Rothesay, Scotland at 0735 on September 14th with RAY mooring to starboard.  On September 15 at 1329 REDFIN moved and moored starboard side to POMPON in a nest with USS NAUTILUS (SSN-571) and USS FULTON (AS-11).  NAUTILUS departed on September 16 at 1609.

On September 17 REDFIN was underway at 0705 in company with RAY and POMPON.  On the 30th she departed the operating area and proceeded to Lorient, France.  She anchored in Lorient Harbor at 2151 on the 30th then moved to the Submarine Base and moored starboard to Berth 8 at 1014, October 1, 1957,  RAY moored to port.

On October 4 at 1206, she got underway for Portland, England in company with RAY.  At 0929 on October 5th she moored starboard to USS RAY at Coaling Pier, Portland Harbor, Portland, England.  USS GROUPER (SSR-214) and USS ANGLER (SSR-240) moored to port.  Starting at 0817 on October 6th all the submarines shifted, to moor to port of USS FULTON (AS-11) at Buoy A-2.  The nest included USS GROUPER, USS BARBERO (SSG-317), RAY, REDFIN, USS CAVALLA (SSR-244), and USS CROAKER (SSR-246).

On October 10 at 1524 REDFIN got underway for Norfolk, operating with RAY and POMPON.  On October 23 at 1842 she moored starboard to USS TORSK (SS-423) at Berth 211, Pier 21, DS (Destroyer and Submarine) Piers, Norfolk.

Between October 23 and December 31, 1957 REDFIN operated in the VA Capes area and spent time on repairs and maintenance.