1958 Deployments


Between January and February 27, 1958 REDFIN operated in the local operating areas.

On Thursday, February 27th at 1606 REDFIN departed Norfolk for Charleston, South Carolina and arrived at the Charleston Naval Shipyard on March 3rd.  On Saturday, March 8, before work started, REDFIN took 23 Navy Reservists and Anthony Harrigan, a Staff Writer from the News and Courier newspaper, out for a Training Session for the reservists. 

During her yard period the AN/URN-3 TACAN beacon was removed from the after deck aft of the Engine Room hatch.  Sea Trials started on July 9 at 0645 and on July 23rd REDFIN was underway for Norfolk and arrived in Norfolk at 1726 on July 24, 1958.

In the period of July 25 and September 26, she operated in the local operating area.

On Saturday, September 27 at 1030 “Hurricane Conditions” were set and REDFIN got underway with a skeleton crew at 1053, to anchor out and wait for Hurricane Helene to pass.  She returned to Norfolk on the 28th at 2013.

On October 7th REDFIN got underway for Little Creek and arrived at 0941 at Pier 18 North, US Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA and moored port to USS TORSK (SS-423).  At 1217 ComSubDiv 62 and 14 guests, members of the Joint Civilian Orientation Committee reported aboard for an orientation course.  They got underway at 1250.  REDFIN returned to Norfolk at 1909.

On November 11, 1958 REDFIN got underway for Gibraltar and arrived and anchored outside the harbor at 1100 on November 20th.  At 1226 she moored portside to Berth 43, Her Majesty’s Naval Base, Gibraltar, British Crown Colony.  While REDFIN was refueling, several of the crew went to the Trocidaro for refreshments.  There were also members of the Canadian and English Navies there.  After a "toast" was made to the Queen, the English reciprocated with a "toast" to Mamie Eisenhower.  After a little interaction between the three Navies, the owner called the MP's.  The crew returned to REDFIN and found that two English sailors had come along.  After a Spot of Tea and a few band aids for them, they departed.  REDFIN departed on November 21 at 0700 enroute to Palma, Spain.

On November 25th at 0821 she moored starboard side to North South Mole, Puerto Pi, Bay of Palma, Majorca, Balearic Islands.  USS IREX (SS-482) arrived and moored to port.  On December 1st at 1910 both, REDFIN and IREX shifted berths 300 yards aft.

On December 6th at 0827 IREX departed followed by REDFIN at 0851 enroute to Marseille, France.  A Classified Operation was held between December 9 and 14, 1958.

On December 18 at 0959 REDFIN arrived and med moored to Quai de la Mairia, Vieux Port, Marseille, France with USS TIRANTE (SS-420) moored to port.  As REDFIN entered the area where we were going to moore, a helicopter hovered overhead and a man was lowered on a trapeze.  He did some acrobatics and then dove into the water.  We found out later that he did not dive, rather he fell and was killed on impact.  We were told later that he was a Catholic Priest just trying to welcome REDFIN to Genoa.

On December 19 three Ocean Minesweepers arrived and med moored to starboard of REDFIN, USS AGILE (MSO-421) at 0848, USS BOLD (MSO-424) at 0853 and USS BULWARK (MSO-425) at 0939.

REDFIN spent Christmas and New Years in Marseille, France.  Some of the crew put up Christmas decorations and a big sign on the “Nodding Idiot” saying, Joyeux Noel.  At last we found something it could be used for.  Many French visitors were interested in the REDFIN and TIRANTE.