Ramada Inn

Ted Breisch, Cecil Stiles, Buddy Kirby

Cal Sheeder, Mike Taccardi, Ken Small, Donald O’Connor

Frank & Bernie Sklodowski, Evelyn and Patti Small

Submarine Force Museum

Submarine Memorial

Ted Breisch and Jack March, the Wall Of Honor

Wall Of Honor

Judy & Bob Ruppel and Joanne & Jack March

Don Helmandollar and Bill & Pat Pelkey

Helen & Everett Butler

Command Master Chief Dow Rogers (Friday night)

Submarine escape gear - the suit and raft fit

in the small bag in front

Ed O’Neill

Ted & Betty Breisch, Jack & Joanne March, Bob Ruppel,    Bernie & Frank Sklodowski, Joe & Valerie Jefferson,        Judy Ruppel

Geri Amunrud, Lynn and Ed Hydock, Pete Amunrud

Dawn and Kevin Pecorelli, Richard & Dawn Anderson,

James Hydock

Dick Hrovat, Cal Sheeder, Mike Taccardi, Don O’Connor

 Joe Hrovat, Mary and Nick Brown, Ray & Jean McCollum

Ev & Ken Gniot, Ed & Donalee Kroly, Elsie and Robert Burr

Sally & Dave Edwards, Cecil & Rosemary Stiles

Walt & Barbara Sealy, Tex Acker & Dawn Hull,

Dick & Pepper Buscher

     Sara Rush, Fred Rogers, Al & Donna Hammond

Ken Dorn, Jim Gradeless, Chuck Kircher, Ozzie Aossey

                   Bill & Pat Pelkey, Vioanna & Don Welton

Mrs & Master Chief Joe Salcedo, Ken & Evelyn Small,  

Shirley & Buddy Kirby

  Tony & Patti Small, Alice Campbell & John Williams


Harry & Margaret Glover, Ray & Adaline Neal, Helen & Everett Butler, Forrest & Joyce Mitchell


Command Master Chief Joe Salcedo (Guest Speaker)

Intarsia 1956 REDFIN patch (won by Dick Buscher)

WW II Vets- Harry Glover, Ray Neal, Everett Butler,

Robert Burr, Forrest Mitchell, Ted Breisch


Burr, Sealy, Sklodowski, Small, Pelkey, Kroly, McCollum,Hammond, March, Ruppel, Taccardi, Gniot,

Dorn, Hrovat, Kirby, Brown, Acker, O’Neill, Jefferson, Gradeless, Butler, Neal


Mitchell, Edwards, Welton, Williams, Sheeder, O’Connor, Breisch, Glover, Aossey, Stiles, Buscher,Amunrud