5th REDFIN Reunion
New London, Connecticut
September 30 – October 2, 2002


The 5th reunion was held at the Ramada Inn, Norwich Connecticut on Monday, September 30 to Wednesday, October 2, 2002. 

Our Pizza Party was held on Monday evening with a lot of “getting to know you’s”.  We had 6 World War II crewmen to attend; Forrest Mitchell, Everett Butler, Harry Glover, Ray Neal, Robert Burr and Ted Breisch. 

The Submarine Force Museum and the National Submarine Memorial were visited on Tuesday.  They had even put up a display for REDFIN in the museum. 

The Wall Of Honor is a very moving experience with the names of the 3505 Submariners lost on Submarines during World War II. 

Did anyone notice the Japanese 2-man submarine outside the museum?  It was in front of Sub School in 1956. 

After the Tuesday evening buffet dinner we had guest the speaker, Master Chief Dow Rogers, to give a very interesting speech. 

On Wednesday we toured Submarine School.  Our guide, MM1 Bailey, was very informative.  Most of us, that dared, got to experience the simulators.  So that’s how it feels to make an emergency surface…WOW.  We even got to eat lunch in the mess hall.  You sit there looking at all the sub school students and wonder…”did I ever look that young”. 

We had our pictures taken for the Memory Album and then had our buffet dinner.  After dinner our guest speaker, Master Chief Joe Salcedo spoke to us.  At the drawing for the prizes, Dick Buscher won the “Intarsia” of the 1956 REDFIN Logo. 

 Life aboard a submarine has really changed.  But after speaking to the students, the men are the same.  The young students were very interested in how life was and we were very interested in how life is.  

On Thursday everyone had their coffee and donuts and said their good bye’s. 

The 2003 reunion will be held in Reno, Nevada.