6th REDFIN Reunion

Reno, Nevada

September 4 and 5, 2003

Reno Hilton

Bronze statue of “The Mustangs of Nevada”

Jim Henthorn, Joanne & Jack March and Darlene Henthorn

Dianne & Ray Campbell

Gerry McLees and Cecil Stiles

Mary & Ernie Hostetler and Ruby & Chet Forrest

Shirley & Buddy Kirby

Darrell McDonald and Tex Acker

Dan Gilson, John Williams and Larry Rash

Bob Lancendorfer and Nick Brown

Don Lamb and Sue Harris


Larry Rash, Tex Acker

       Bea & George Mendes, Don Lamb & Sue Harris,

   Dawn Hull and Dan Gilson, Maxine Rash

Bob Lancendorfer, Dick & Pepper Buscher, Joanne & Jack March

Norma Lancendorfer, Steve & Nancy Chordas,

Jim & Darlene Henthorn

Shirley & Buddy Kirby, Rosemary & Cecil Stile

Katie & Bob Navarro, Chet & Ruby Forrest,

Mary & Ernie Hostetler

Donald O’Connor, Rauline & Francis Baldwin, Art & Heide Fried, Dana & Musette Hughes


Evelyn Small, Melba & Robert Ramirez, Dianne & Ray Campbell

Ken Small, Tony & Patty Small, Kathy MacMillan

George Mendes and Steve Chordas

Dick & Pepper Buscher

Dan Gilson and Dana Hughes

Cecil Stiles, Art Fried and Francis Baldwin

Robert & Katie Navarro

Donald O’Connor and Ken Small