6th REDFIN Reunion
Reno, Nevada

September 4 and 5, 2003


The 6th REDFIN Reunion was held in Reno, Nevada on September 4th and 5th at the Reno Hilton.  The first joint reunion of the Submarine Vets of WW II and the U.S. Sub Vets was being held at the same time in the Reno Hilton.  Although we had the REDFIN Reunion at the same time and place, we were apart from them. 

Our attendance was the least of all our reunions with 24 crewmen with their families and guests but we still had a very good time. 

There was time to chat, gamble, shop, gamble, sight seeing, gamble, eat and gamble.  I donít know why they call those tables and machines games of chance.  You stand a better chance of walking across I-95 in Philadelphia at 5:00PM. 

We did have a few new faces from the West to attend the reunion. 

Our 2004 reunion will be held in Norfolk, VA.