15th REDFIN Reunion
Norfolk, Virginia
October 1 to October 3, 2013


The 15th REDFIN Reunion was held at the Holiday Inn Norwich in Norwich, CT on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2013. Redfin shipmates and guests in attendance were Ozzie and May Aossey, Baldy and Pauline Baldwin, Chuck Berry, Lloyd and Mary Boucherie, Steve Chordas, Jr. and Nancy, Steve Chordas III and Janna, Sylvia, Simone and Stevie, Shane Chordas and Lisa and Sophia, Erich Cramer, Ray and Betty Engle, Jim Gradeless, Woody and Carole Gunderson, Clete Hash and Doris Sineath, Jeff and Marge Jones, Gus Lamond, Louis LeBlanc, Richard “Luke” Lukas, Bill Martin, Donald O’Connor, Larry and Maxine Rash, Dick and Laura Scoville, Bernie Sklodowski and Brenadette, Ramona and Amy, Ken and Evelyn Small, Bob and Linda Springer, Cecil and Rosemary Stiles, Mike Taccardi and Nancy Fanelli, Dave and Sylvia Twigg, Bob and Bernadette Wailus, Keith and Susan Weborg, George and Ruth Williams, Linda Martin and myself. For those shipmates who signed up for the reunion but didn’t attend, you’ll need to let me know if you want a refund or if your registration fee can be considered a contribution to the Redfin general fund.

We had the usual arrival day evening dinner, pizza and salad, prepared for us by the hotel. Everyone seemed to get plenty to eat. Our mornings started with a hot breakfast provided in the hotel dining room. This breakfast was provided as part of the negotiated room rate. The hotel provided buffet dinners for us on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Wednesday evening, after dinner, we had a presentation by Chad D. Schultz, Command Master Chief in charge of Submarine School Training. Chad has served 22 years in the Navy with almost 20 years experience in the submarine force. Chad spoke about his career and his relationship with submarine training. He, also, provided us with some insight into the Virginia class attack submarines. Chad then spent time with some of our shipmates answering questions regarding the present day submarine force.

Thursday, after dinner, we had four of our shipmates, Ozzie Aossey, Gus Lamond, Luke Lukas and Bob Springer, share their experience with the decommissioning of Redfin. We had a short meeting with a discussion about future reunions. My suggestion was to have our next reunion at a non-military location such as Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN or Branson, MO. What do you think? No reunion will be planned for 2014.

We then held the Chinese Auction which went very well. As usual, Linda Martin and Maxine Rash did a superb job selling the tickets. Linda, Larry and I with the help of Sylvia and Simone Chordas performed the auction. Not only is this activity a good fund raiser, we have a lot of fun and everyone had a good time. 

Since we had no planned tours, everyone was on their own schedule to do as they pleased. This seemed to work out well but resulted in less visiting in the hospitality room due to the area attractions which included two area casinos. Everyone seemed to make the most of the beautiful fall weather that we experienced during the reunion. I know, the fall foliage wasn’t as nice as I had suggested.

So, we had a good turnout at the reunion with twenty seven shipmates and guests for a total of fifty eight people in attendance. A special thanks to Ken & Evelyn Small, Larry & Maxine Rash and Linda Martin for helping me make this reunion a success.

I’ll be soliciting offers from various hotel locations to host a 2015 Redfin reunion. If you have any reunion location suggestions, I’ll be glad to hear from you. Several of the shipmates in attendance this year will be helping me contact Redfin shipmates who have not shared their email address with me. If you’re in contact with a Redfin shipmate, ask them if they are receiving emails from the Redfin website ? If not, ask if they or a relative have an email address and let me know. Now, plan to attend the next reunion in 2015!

Reunion information will be forthcoming in the next newsletter during 4th Qtr. 2014. Make your preliminary plans for a 2015 reunion. U.S. Mail recipients; Help me save a tree and mailing cost.  If you have email or if a family member has email, PLEASE send an email to me at redfin@ussredfin.com so we can communicate by email. Your email address will remain private!

On a personal note; I had a delightful time with every one of you who attended the 2013 reunion. I hope you’ll find time to attend the next reunion! Also, I’ll be contacting my website consultant to help me put the reunion news and pictures on the website.

May you have fair weather and following seas!

Jim Martin
Your Redfin Reunion Planner