15th REDFIN Reunion
Norfolk, Virginia
October 1 to October 3, 2013

1 Oct. 2014 Pizza Night

1st Banquet - Ummm food

1st Banquet

After the speech

Ain't this purty

An Indian named Woody


And the number is!


Are they real Indians?



Battleship Cove Fall River, MA

Battleship Cove Tugboat

DD850 Battleship Cove

Bernadette & Bob Wailus

Betty & Ray Engle

Betty, Larry & Louis

Bob Springer, Ozzie Aossey

Bob, Gus, Ozzie, Luke - Decomm. Crew

Cecil Stiles & Jim Gradeless

Cecil, Rosemary & Mike Taccardi

Chad Schultz - Guest Speaker

Chaplain -Steve Chordas

Chinesse Auction Items

More Chinese Auction Items

Chuck Berry, Doris Sineath

Chuck Berry

Chuck, Jeff Jones, Erich Cramer, Clete Hash

Clete & Jim

Clete, Chad & Dave Twigg

Chad Schultz, CMDCM - Sub School

Chad & Ken Small

Cruise boat at Mystic Harbor

Dave & Louis

Dave, Woody Carole & Sylvia

Decommissioning Crew Presentation

Bob, Luke & Gus Lamond

Gus, Luke, Bob, Ozzie - Decomm. Crew

Donald O'Connor

Don waiting for dinner


Doris & Clete


Doris, Clete & Jim


Drink time at the bar!

Bernie Sklodowski & family

Evelyn Small, Pauline Baldwin, Nancy Fanelli

Food? Where's the food?

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Gus & Dave

Gus Lamond, Richard "Luke" Lukas

Gus, Doris & Clete

Gus, Louis & Dave

Gus, Luke, Bob & Ozzie

Gus, Luke & Bob Springer

How soon do we eat?

Bernie & Granddaughter

Indian Village of Uncas

Jeff Jones & Larry Rash

Jeff & Marge Jones, Linda Martin

Jim & Linda Martin

Jim & Linda

Jim Gradeless, George "Willie" Williams

Jim & Woody Gunderson

Jim Gradeless & Linda Martin

Jim Gradeless


Jim, Maxine Rash & Chad Schultz

Evelyn & Ken Small - Ewww, what was that?

Ken. Larry, Dick, Laura & Mary

Larry & Lloyd Boucherie

Larry, Jeff & Jim taking a break!

Linda & Marge Jones

Laura & Dick Scoville

Linda & Bob Springer

Linda & Sylvia - Beer time!!

Linda, Mary & Maxine

Lionfish in Fall River, MA


Mary & Lloyd Boucherie

Lloyd, Mary & Larry

Indian village

Indian village

Larry & Erich at Chinese auction

Louis & Dave

Louis & Linda


Luke, Bob & Linda Springer


Luke, Linda, Bob & Ozzie


Marge & Jeff Jones

Marge, Linda & Maxine

Mary & Maxine

Mary won a bear!!!!

Mary, Larry & Lloyd

Mary, Lloyd & Dick Scoville

Maxine & Larry Rash

Maxine & Ray Engle

May Aossey, Bernadette & Bob Wailus

Chief Dave & Warrior Woody!!

Mike Taccardi & Mary Boucherie

Mike Taccardi

Mike, Betty Nancy & Rosemary

Chinese auction






Mystic Entrance



Mystic Harbor


Mystic Harbor



Mystic Harbor

Nancy. Pauline & Baldy Baldwin

His Ozzieness!!

Ozzie, May & Bernadette

Pequot Museum in Mashantucket

Ray & Betty - Ooo La La!!!


Ray & Ken Small

Ray, Betty & Maxine

Ray, Maxine, Linda & Betty

Reunion set-up crew!!!

Rosemary, Cecil, Ray & Betty

Shane Chordas & daughter

Shipbuilding Pier


Steve & family

Steve & Woody

Steve Chordas III, Larry & Gus

Steve Chordas grandchildren

Steve, grandson & Woody

Susan & Keith Weborg

Swabbies Jeff & Larry

Sylvia & Dave arriving

Sylvia & Doris

Look what I won!!!!

Sylvia, Clete & Doris

Sylvia, Dave & Woody

The Chordas Ladies!!!

Tour boat & harbor

USS Lionfish (SS298)

USS Mass. BB59

Waiting for dinner!!

Grinding corn????

Where's the grub???

Willie, Unknown, Nancy Chordas

Woody & Carole Gunderson

Woody & Louis

Woody, Carole & Sylvia