Guam to Pearl Harbor

On September 16, 1945 at 1729 REDFIN moored port side to Berth Sail 6, Submarine Base, PEARL HARBOR, T.H. 

Transferred the 7 Stewards Mates to ComSubPac Administration.  While in PEARL HARBOR, Ken RICE and Dean ADAMS painted a REDFIN Logo on the Fairwater (Sail) and painted teeth on the bow. 

Loaded stores and fuel.  Woodrow W. JONES, Ck2 reported aboard for transportation. 

On September 21, 1945 REDFIN got underway at 0930 from PEARL HARBOR and proceeded to PANAMA CANAL ZONE. 

On Friday, October 05, 1945 REDFIN moored port side to Pier Dog 2, Balboa Submarine Base, BALBOA, CANAL ZONE.  Arthur C. GATES, StM1 and David GRIMES, StM1 reported aboard for transportation to GALVESTON, TEXAS. 

October 7th after Quarters, Pilot R.G. RENNIE came aboard at 0510 to pilot REDFIN through the Canal.  At 0530 got underway and at 0602 entered Mira Flores Locks and cleared them at 0745, then proceeded to Gantun Lake where REDFIN anchored at 1007 hours. Underway at 1417 through Gantun Lake with pilot, R.G. RENNIE conning.  Entered and moored in first lock at 1447 and at 1538, after clearing all three locks and putting the pilot off, REDFIN was underway at 1600 and proceeded to GALVESTON, TEXAS. 

On October 11th at 1300 Pilot, LCDR CROSBY, USCG came aboard to conn, and at 1350 REDFIN moored starboard to port of USS SEA ROBIN (SS-407) alongside Pier #42, GALVESTON, TEXAS. 

At 1400 the following men departed on 14 days leave: James R. CURRY, S1c; Antoine, CHERAMIE, S1c; Bill L. COLLINS, USN-1; Stanislaw DAVIS, CMoMM; Robert E. GOFF, S1c; John L. GRUNER, SC3; Timothy R. HERMANN, TM2; Ralph E. HOEPER, RT1; William G. HOFSAES, GM3; Alec KELPERIS, MoMM2; Chester L. MASON, TM3; James F. McKEVITT, TM1; James R. MONROW, MoMM3; Bernard J. MURPHY, MoMM3; Owen K. PERRY, S1c; Frank X. REISINGER, EM3; Erwin J. SCHELL, RM3; Bertrand J. ST. CYR, EM3; George A. STEPHENS, EM3; Marion O. TURNER, Y1; Thomas W. WANN, SoM1; Claude A. YOUNG, MoMM3; Merlin R. ADCOCK, EM1 and Donald A. BJURSTROM. 

On October 12th Henry S. BROOKS, EM3; Gilbert S. BOWLES, MoMM1; Kenneth M. JONES, MoMM1; James H. HINZMAN, EM2; John B. YORK, FCS1 and Robert J. ZIEGLER, MoMM1 were transferred to US Naval, Receiving Station, Pier 18 GALVESTON, TEXAS for release from active duty. 

At 1300, LT Forrest R. MITCHELL, LTjg Harold P. HAYES and LTjg Robert M. RILEY departed on leave to expire at 1330 on October 25, 1945. 

On October 25th at 1300, after all hands had reported back from leave, REDFIN rigged for visitors.  At 1620 the last of the visitors left the ship. 

October 27, 1945 REDFIN participated in the NAVY DAY Celebration. 

On October 30th Arthur C. HANSEN, F1c departed on 7 days leave.  At 0835 REDFIN got underway for PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA.