7th War Patrol 

On July 10, 1945 after mooring in APRA HARBOR, GUAM, 9 REDFIN Crewmen were transferred to ComSubDiv 341.  Paul H. GRANT, CMoMM; Frank FILAROWSKI, CPhM; Cletus H. JONES, S1c; Clayton O. GRIFFITH, GM3; Otis MORGAN, St2; Roy W. PAGE, QM1; James P. SPANN, S2c; Peter J. VLACHOS, TM3; Eugene C. WATKINS, MoMM1 and Joseph P. AROCHA, TM3.  One Officer was detached, LT George L. REINHARDT and two reported aboard, LT John R. BOND and LTjg Robert M. RILEY.

On July 23,1945 the Crew and Officers reported aboard from Camp Dealey.  Someone had brought a small puppy on board from Camp Dealey.  Capt. Miller allowed him to stay as long as the Crew took care of him.  The puppy got the name of “Rascal.”  Between July 23rd and 29th the time was devoted to 2 days regular training and 2 days special training and 2 days for loading and fueling. 

On July 30th REDFIN departed Apra Harbor at 1657 hours for her 7th War Patrol in the area of the 50-fathom and 100 fathom curve off KYUSHU, JAPAN. 

On August 1st REDFIN notified ComSubPac that the refrigeration system was flooded with salt water.  At 1330 REDFIN received permission to proceed to SAIPAN.  On August 2nd entered TANAPAG HARBOR, SAIPAN and moored alongside USS ORION (AS-18) at 1510. 

August 5th at 1100 REDFIN was underway after the refrigeration system was overhauled.  As she was backing out, a bag of mail was received.  On August 7th commenced having trouble with the refrigeration system. Capt. MILLER decided to start having the best cuts of meat two times a day. 

On August 10th at 0557 proceeded through COLNETT STRAIT. 

August 11th submerged and started sweeping with the M.A.T.D. at 0655 for any mines and located a minefield of 6 mines. 

August 12th while submerged, took pictures of KYUSHU though the periscope at 800 yards.  The Officers and Crew listened to the radio to the news contemplating the end of the war.

August 13th REDFIN located 7 more mines with the M.A.T.D.  On August 14th REDFIN located 28 mines in fields of 5 or 6 mines all in the 80 fathom curve, north of Lat: 31°-26’N. 

August 15th at 0502 submerged at the southern entrance to KOSHIKI KAIKYU. Had 8 mine contacts along the 60-fathom curve.  At 1310, while at periscope depth, radioman William Meyer received an un-coded message that read; “The War is over, cease fire and splice the main brace”.  At 2100 received orders to cease execution of the Special Mission. 

August 16th at 1600 received orders to patrol the East China Sea north of Lat: 32°-30'N. 

During the period of August 17th to 28th REDFIN was patrolling in the East China Sea exploding mines and riding out the Tokyo Typhoon. 

August 30th at 0800 REDFIN rendezvoused with USS CATFISH (SS-339), USS SEA DEVIL (SS-400) and USS BLACKFIN (SS-322) and proceeded in formation. 

On September 1st at 0800 the formation broke up because of the Typhoon with 60-knot winds and 40’ high seas. 

On September 2nd at 1700 rejoined CATFISH and BLACKFIN and returned to GUAM, arriving and mooring on September 5th at 1401 port side to USS BLACKFIN in a nest with USS CATFISH, USS BOARFISH (SS-327), USS BLENNY (SS-324) and USS BLUEBACK (SS-326) alongside USS SPERRY (AS-12). 

LTjg. Rene A. TAYLOR and LTjg. Jack P. MEINERS were promoted to the rank of LT as of August 01, 1945. 

On September 6th at 0230 commenced fueling REDFIN from USS SPERRY.  The Officers and Crew were subsisting aboard USS SPERRY.  At 1400 Lawrence W. COLEMAN was promoted to ENSIGN as of July 15, 1945. 

Seven Stewards Mates reported aboard REDFIN for transportation to ComSubPac in PEARL HARBOR. 

On Friday September 07, 1945 REDFIN departed GUAM at 1500 and proceeded to PEARL HARBOR.