Mare Island, CA 

REDFIN arrived at PEARL HARBOR on January 07, 1945 at 0925 hours and moored starboard side at Berth S-7 at 0947. 

At 1100 commenced taking on dry stores.  Ens. Eugene R. HELZ was appointed to the rank of LTjg as of January 01, 1945 and Ens. Bruce M. GRAHAM was appointed to the rank of LTjg as of November 01, 1945. 

At 1400 transferred the 4, 20mm and 50cal.ammunition to the Pearl Harbor Depot. 

On January 9th at 0955 REDFIN departed PEARL HARBOR and proceeded to Mare Island, CALIFORNIA. 

On January 15th at 0900 pilot C.L. WILCOX boarded and conned REDFIN, and moored to Pier 55 at HUNTERS POINT, CALIFORNIA.  On the 16th REDFIN moved to the ammunition pier and unloaded the rest of the ammunition at 0952 and then moved to Berth 8, Base Section Navy Yard, Mare Island, California at 1037 hours to undergo an overhaul. 

On January 18th most of the Crew departed on 30 days leave and returning on February 19th

On February 23, 1945 the Crew was mustered at quarters and LCDR Charles Kilday MILLER relieved CDR Marshall H. AUSTIN as Commanding Officer of REDFIN. 

On March 7th Martin F. SCHAFFER and Andrew Uell TOMPKINS reported aboard for duty.  On April 4th Charles H. HOMEWOOD, CTM transferred to ComSubsPac 7th Flt and Charles E. SCHWERTFEGER transferred to ComSubsPacAdmin. 

While in Mare Island REDFIN received many alterations and repairs, including a Mine And Torpedo Detector (MATD).  Scientists from the University of California based at San Diego tackled the problem of submarines detecting and avoiding submerged minefields. During 1944, they tested several experimental "breadboard" sonar models capable of doing just that on USS S-34 (SS-139) and USS REDFIN (SS-272). The most successful sonar set tested was a frequency modulated (FM) sonar that produced a characteristic ringing echo from mines and similar objects, and, accordingly, that sound was described as being "Hell's Bells."

The 4 50cal gun was removed from the forward deck and a 5 25cal. gun was installed on the after deck.  The 20mm AA gun was removed from the forward cigarette deck and replaced with a 40mm AA gun.  The 20mm AA gun on the after cigarette deck was replaced with a Twin 20mm AA gun.  Propeller guards were installed and Cable Clearing Wires were installed on the bow. Two Officers and 9 Crewmen were married. 

On April 16th the dry-dock was flooded at 1410 hours and at 1554 REDFIN was underway from San Francisco Bay area enroute San Diego and arriving at South Pier, University of California Underwater Sound and Radio Laboratory on Wednesday, April 18, 1945 at 1000 hours. 

REDFIN had 10 days of training and special tests and got underway for PEARL HARBOR on April 30th at 0826. 

REDFIN arrived at PEARL HARBOR on May 7th and moored starboard side to Pier, Sail 9 at 1100 hours. 

REDFIN received 5 days of voyage repairs and 2 weeks of intensive training.  The propellers and Cable Clearing Wires were replaced. 

On May 9th T.H. BREISCH, ETM3; J. DAVIDYOCK, RM2; C.H. JONES, S1c; R.E. GOFF, S1c and B.S. ST.CYR, S1c reported aboard. 

LTjg Eugene R. HELZ departed REDFIN and LTjg Jack P. MEINERS and Ens. William M. HANLEY reported aboard for duty. 

On May 30th at 1216 hours, REDFIN departed PEARL HARBOR enroute to SAIPAN.