6th War Patrol 

REDFIN departed PEARL HARBOR on May 30, 1945 at 1216 hours and proceeded to SAIPAN.  On June 9th at 1800 REDFIN received orders changing their destination to GUAM. 

Arrived in APRA HARBOR, GUAM, MARIANA ISLANDS on June 11th at 1112 hours and moored starboard side to port side USS GUNNEL (SS-253), USS STEELHEAD (SS-280) and

The period of June 11th to 15th was devoted to fueling, loading and special training. 

On June 15th at 1510 REDFIN got underway and proceeded to the War Patrol area off the south coast of HOKKAIDO, JAPAN. 

Between June 23rd and 29th REDFIN was searching for and charting any mines and mine fields, using the M.A.T.D., off the coast of KUSHIO, JAPAN in the area of the 30 fathom and 100 fathom curves. 

On 27th June, while submerged, sighted a medium Freighter at 10,000 yards hugging the 10-fathom curve.  REDFIN was not in a position to fire torpedoes in that depth of water. 

On June 29th at 2100 REDFIN ended this search and headed for the second area for searching. 

On 30th June at 1930 sighted a floating mine and after firing 2 pans of 20mm shells, called the ex-Marine Sergeant, Chief Yeoman, Kenneth HARRINGTON to the Bridge.  He exploded the mine with a 30-cal. rifle at 100 yards.  It was a very impressive explosion.

On July 1st REDFIN departed the INAMBA JIMA area and headed for the south coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 

The period of July 2nd and July 6th was spent searching for and charting any mines in the area off the coast of HONSHU.  REDFIN was at times within 1500 yards of the beaches.  The water was a light green color.  Sighted numerous airplanes in this area and a tremendous Radar Mast, about 100 feet high at Lat: 34-36N and Long: 137-09E.  REDFIN sent a message giving the locations of the possible mines at 2300 on July 5th. 

On July 6th at 0500 REDFIN received orders to proceed to GUAM.  At 1221 sighted a floating mine and exploded it with 20mm gunfire.  At 2322 started to sight numerous B-29s heading for JAPAN. 

On July 10, 1945 at 0900 REDFIN moored starboard side to USS DEVILFISH (SS-292), moored to port side USS FULTON (AS-11). At 1500 hours the Crew left the REDFIN to go to CAMP DEALEY, Submarine Rest Camp, GUAM, MARIANA ISLANDS.