4th War Patrol 

On Friday July 28, 1944 the Officers and Crew returned to REDFIN from 2 weeks of Rest Period.  The period of 28 July to 05 August was devoted to training and completion of loading, during which time the ship was sound tested. 

On July 29th LTjg Forrest R. MITCHELL was appointed to LT as of July 01, 1944 and John O. HUGHES, CMoMM was appointed to the rank of MACHINIST as of May 15, 1944. 

On Friday August 04, 1944 at 1330 hours, Quarters for Ceremony was held.  LCDR Marshall H. AUSTIN was awarded the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism in operations against the enemy.  Ens. Eugene R. HELZ was awarded the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism as a volunteer leader of a landing party on an enemy held coast.  Kenneth G. HARRINGTON, CY T was awarded the Silver Star Medal for gallantry and intrepidity in action while voluntarily accompanying a landing party on an enemy held coast. 

REDFIN loaded 10,751 gallons of fuel. 

On August 6th Gilbert S. BOWLES and William D. YEAGER reported aboard and LT Wallace E. BABBITT was detached from REDFIN.  While at quarters, the Submarine Combat Insignia was awarded to the Crew and George E. CARINDER was awarded the Silver Star Medal for gallantry and intrepidity in action while voluntarily accompanying a landing party on an enemy held coast. 

On August 06, 1944 at 1322 REDFIN got underway for her 4th War Patrol and proceeded to EXMOUTH GULF, arriving there on August 9th and mooring alongside USS JACK (SS-259) at the Fuel Barge at 1007 hours.  After receiving 11,000 gallons of fuel REDFIN got underway at 2008 for training exercises in EXMOUTH GULF.  On August 10th REDFIN held gunnery drills on a wreck on Northeast Cape and at 1224 REDFIN got underway for her 4th War Patrol. 

REDFIN proceeded via LOMBOK STRAIT, JAVA SEA, KARIMATA STRAIT, east of DISCOVERY EAST BANK LIGHT to an area off DATU POINT on the southwest coast of BORNEO. REDFIN laid a minefield of eleven Mark 12 mines on August 19th and proceeded northeast. 

On August 20th at 1525 they sighted a convoy of 2 DD’s, 1 small Tanker, 1 medium Freighter, 3 large Transports, 2 large Freighters and 1 large Tanker.  REDFIN waited until after dark to make a surface attack.  At 2234 started the attack and fired 4 electric torpedoes at the Escort – all missed astern, fired 2 more – these also missed.  Since the torpedoes were electric they were never seen.  REDFIN reloaded and at 2311 started in for a second attack but when the range closed to 5000 yards the Escort turned towards REDFIN and closed the range very fast firing with one gun.  All the shots passed directly overhead while REDFIN was moving away.  After the range opened REDFIN fired 1 torpedo down the throat – it missed.  REDFIN reversed course and headed towards BALABAC ISLAND. 

On August 21st at 1419 the lookout and JOD sighted a periscope while REDFIN was on a zigzag course, they cleared the area and submerged at 1435 hours. 

August 28th at 2330 REDFIN received instructions to proceed to vicinity of Lat: 8°-40’ N and Long: 118°-15’E to carry out a Special Mission.

On August 29th at 1840 hours REDFIN received instructions to proceed to Lat: 8°-47’ North and Long: 117°-55’ East to rendezvous with a friendly boat party at 2000 hours on 30 August.  REDFIN made radio voice contact with the party on August 29th at 2355 hours. Capt. AUSTIN suddenly started to sing “Sweet Adeline” into the microphone.  He had been leery of a trap and wanted to be sure he was speaking to CDR. CROWLEY.  Years before they had been members of a quartet at Annapolis, so they both knew which part each one sang in the group. The test seemed to satisfy each of them so the rescue went ahead. 

At 0043 on August 31st sighted the party in two boats at 5700 yards.  REDFIN headed toward the boats and passed close abroad, flooded down and received the passengers.  The passengers were:

CDR John D. CROWLEY, (CO); LT James W. LIDDELL, Jr. (XO); Ens. Alvin E. JACOBSON, Jr.; Arthur G. HOWELL, CRT(AA);  Donald P. TREMAINE, FCR2; Wesley B. MILLER, MoMM3; James Dello RUSSO, QM3 and Earl R. BAUMGART, MoMM3 all from the submarine, USS FLIER (SS-250) which had hit a mine and sank. 

George V. MARQUEZ and William N. WIGFIELD both U S ARMY, Charles O. WATKINS, S1c, US NAVY Pat Wing 10, British Subjects, Mr. A..M. SUTHERLAND, his wife Mrs. A..M. (Mary) SUTHERLAND, son, Alastain D. and daughter, Heather, a missionary family.  An American citizen, Henry C. GARRETSON, a civil engineer and Vans Taivo KERSON, a citizen of FINLAND. 

REDFIN completed the mission at 0100 on August 31st and got underway for DARWIN via SIBUTU STRAIT, BANGA STRAIT, MOLUKKA PASSAGE, CERAM SEA , then east of TIMOR ISLAND and moored at Main Jetty at DARWIN at 0740 on September 05, 1944. 

REDFIN commenced fueling and loading torpedoes. At 1800 hours REDFIN received orders and mail from PERTH. The repair forces from the USS COUCAL (ASR-8) made minor repairs. 

On September 6th completed loading stores and had a morning and afternoon softball game, BEER was furnished by USS COUCAL (ASR-8).  In the early evening, LCDR D. H. BRERLY held a steak fry for the REDFIN Officers and USS NAUTILUS (SS-168) Officers at the Submarine Officers Quarters. 

REDFIN departed DARWIN at 2100 on September 06, 1944 and proceeded through the STRAIT east of TIMOR and set course for SALOIER STRAIT (SALAJAR). 

On September 8th sighted 2 small sail boats and decided to board and search.  At 1445 fired a burst of 20mm forward of the 1st boat and he immediately stopped.  REDFIN came alongside and Capt. AUSTIN boarded and searched and confiscated all papers he could find.  He traded cigarettes, bread and other foods for bananas and coconuts.  Leaving the 1st boat he made the same searches and trades on the 2nd boat as on the 1st boat. 

REDFIN proceeded on to SALOIER STRAIT and patrolled 5 miles east of SARONTANG ISLAND. 

On September 12th at 1335 sighted 1 Tanker and 1 Escort.  When the range was 2500 yards, at 1423 hours, fired 4 torpedoes and went deep and heard 1 hit.  Received 10 depth charges at the rate of 1 every 2 seconds – not close.  Took a periscope look at 1509 and only saw 1 Escort.  Headed east to patrol TIORO STRAIT. 

On September 19th  while patrolling southwest of BOETON, sighted a small ship, later identified as NANKO MARU, an 85 ton Fishing Trawler, at 0510 hours.  Submerged to watch it.  At 0608 surfaced and headed toward it at full speed, commenced firing with the 4” gun.  Numerous hits on it but it wouldn’t catch afire.  Fired 20mm gun and still no fire. Fired 4 more rounds of 4” and the 1st shot hit the right spot and it burst into tremendous flames.  Submerged to watch the target burn and at 0718 surfaced to pick up prisoners.  Pulled one struggling survivor aboard as a prisoner and took him below. After he saw that he wasn’t going to be hurt he settled down.  He seemed fairly intelligent, his only defect was a glass eye, which he kept removing and showing everyone.  Submerged and watched the wreck sink at 05°36’N – 122°16’E, saw 15 survivors in the water swimming for the shore about 12 miles away.  Surfaced and headed for SALOIER STRAIT.

On September 24th at 0047 received instructions to proceed to MAKASSAR STRAIT in the vicinity of BALIKPAPAN for Life Guard Duty. 

At 1745 sighted a 20-ton sailboat on a crossing course.  Between 1815 and 1832 REDFIN fired the 20mm gun across the bow, forward and aft of him, through his sails and finally into the hull.  Nothing would make him stop. He was identified by his Japanese flag.  At 1832 REDFIN opened fire with the 4” gun and ceased fire at 1836 – boat sunk.  Went alongside and picked up 2 MALAYANS, couldn’t pick up anymore.

On September 25th at 0808 arrived on station 45 miles off BALIKPAPAN.  At 1540 sighted a loaded medium Tanker about 500 tons.  Submerged at 1758 and started the approach.  At 1845 fired 4 torpedoes.  Observed and heard one hit.  Target exploded and burst into flames from bow to stern, thought it was probably loaded with gasoline.  Opened out and surfaced at 1850 and took pictures of him. This was the only time that some of the Crew was allowed topside to witness such an event. Departed the area and arrived on station at 2025.

On September 28th at 0042 received instructions to return to FREMANTLE via LOMBOK STRAIT. 

On October 04, 1944 at 1020 hours REDFIN moored starboard side to port side of USS EURYALE (AS-22) at Berth #4 FREMANTLE and at 1030 Officers and Crew were relieved for 2 weeks Rest Period. 

On October 04, 1944 at 1630 hours LCDR Marshall H. AUSTIN was appointed to the rank of COMMANDER as of March 01, 1944.