Between January 1 and February 24 REDFIN operated in the areas of Narragansett Bay, Atlantic City and Virginia Capes.

On February 25 REDFIN was underway for the Jacksonville, Florida operating area and on the 28th she departed the JAX area and proceeded to St. Thomas, VI and arrived there and moored port side to Pier C, US Naval Station at Little Krum Bay, St. Thomas at 0828 on March 3.

Between March 4 and 8 REDFIN operated in the area of St. Thomas with USS TENCH (SS-417) and mooring port side to TENCH on March 8 at 1843 at Pier C, St. Thomas.

On March 11 at 0717 REDFIN got underway for San Juan, Puerto Rico and arrived and moored at 1341, starboard to the Tender Pier, US Naval Base on March 12.  On March 14 USS TENCH and USS PICUDA (SS-382) moored starboard to port of REDFIN.  REDFIN and TENCH got underway at 0751 on March 15 for St. Thomas, VI.  REDFIN arrived at 1448 and moored port to starboard of TENCH at Pier C, US Naval Station.   REDFIN operated in the area until March 19 when she got underway at 0618 for Nassau.  REDFIN arrived at 1315 on March 22 and moored starboard to Prince George Wharf, Nassau, British West Indies.  USS BROUGH (DE-148) moored starboard to port of REDFIN on the 23rd at 0822.  REDFIN departed on the 25th at 0805 enroute to Norfolk and arrived in Norfolk on March 27th at 1044 and moored port to USS POMPON (SSR-267).

On April 26 REDFIN got underway for New London at 0820 and arrived on the 27th at 1151 and entered the USS ARD-7 at Pier 17.  She departed New London on May 10 at 1301 for Norfolk and on the 11th at 1959 she moored starboard to USS JALLO (SS-368) at Pier 221 in Norfolk.

REDFIN operated in the local area from May 12 to June 28, making a trip to Annapolis, MD from May 14 to 17th

On June 28 REDFIN got underway at 0900 for Yorktown, VA and then got underway from Yorktown at 1627 enroute to Cannes, France.

On July 12 at 0823 REDFIN moored starboard to USS BALTIMORE (CA-68) anchored in Gulfo de Napoule, Cannes, France.  On July 15 after fueling from USS WACCAMAW (AO-109) in the harbor of Gulf Juan, REDFIN was underway for Naples, Italy and arrived on July 23 at 1101 and moored starboard to USS GRAND CANYON (AD-28), USS SEA OWL (SS-405) moored to port on July 24th.

REDFIN and SEA OWL got underway at 0447 on July 29 and operated as a Unit of T.F.69 with USS FURSE (DDR-882) and USS K.D. BAILEY (DDR-713) enroute to Valencia, Spain.  REDFIN moored at 1015 on August 3 starboard to the south side of Muelle Transversal De Poniente, Valencia, Spain.

On August 9 at 0502 REDFIN got underway for Athens, Greece conducting ASW exercises with SEA OWL, USS LAWE (DD-736), USS LARSON (DDR-830), USS EATON (DDE-510) and USS BACHE (DDE-470).  After fueling from USS WACCAMAW on the 20th, REDFIN moored starboard to USS RANDALL (APA-224) in anchorage G Phaleron Bay, Greece.

On August 24 at 0901 REDFIN got underway for Izmir, Turkey and arrived on the 25th at 0912 and med-moored in the boat basin inner harbor, USS SEA OWL moored to starboard.

On August 30 at 0818 REDFIN got underway for Cannes, France and during exercises she fired a MK 23 exercise torpedo at USS HERALD (AM-101).

On September 10 at 0842 she moored starboard to USS ROANOKE (CL-145) in anchorage B Cannes, France.  After departing at 1407 on the 14th to test Ballast Tanks she med-moored starboard to SEA OWL in berth S-1.

On September 16 she fueled from USS GRAND CANYON (AD-28) and returned and moored as before to SEA OWL.

REDFIN got underway on September 17 at 0500 enroute to Norfolk and arrived on September 29 at 1445 mooring starboard to USS REQUIN (SS-481).  REDFIN operated in local waters for the rest of the year.