In 1946 two submarines, USS REQUIN (SS-481) and USS SPINAX (SS-489) were converted to Radar Picket submarines in the Migraine II program.  They both kept their After Torpedo rooms.  In 1949, after finding there were several flaws in the design of the Migraine II boats two more submarines, USS TIGRONE (SS-269) and USS BURRFISH (SS-312) were converted to Radar Pickets in the Migraine I program.  This time the torpedo tubes were removed from the After Torpedo Room and it was converted to a crews berthing room.

In the early 1950ís the United States realized that we had to have more radar picket submarines if we were to keep our navy alerted for any possible strike missions on the USSR by our aircraft.

The Gato class submarines, USS POMPON (SS-267), USS RASHER (SS-269), USS RATON (SS-270), USS RAY (SS-271), USS REDFIN (SS-272) and  USS ROCK (SS-274) were chosen to be converted to Radar Pickets in the Migraine III program. 

In the Migraine III conversion the boats were separated between the Control Room and the Forward Battery compartments.  A 30 foot section was installed which would be home for all the radar equipment, it was called the CIC (Combat Information Center.  The torpedo tubes were removed from the After Torpedo Room and it became a berthing compartment for the crew.

A large sail was put topside to house the new BPS-2 search radar which was put aft of the periscopes and other antennas and masts.  An AN/BPS-3 height finding radar was installed on a dome aft of the sail and an AN/URN-3 TACAN beacon was installed on the deck aft of the Engine Room hatch.

In April 1951 REDFIN was towed from New London, Connecticut to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She was placed in drydock and the conversion started.

On January 09, 1953 USS REDFIN (SSR-272) was commissioned.